Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Learning from others...

Last week I went to visit a colleague of mine, Ms. Novakowski, who is a Teacher-Librarian at another school in Richmond.   I learned so much in the few hours I spent with her.  Ms. Novakowski's school is one of the pioneers of technology in our district, with 30 iPads and educators who are knowledgeable and passionate about incorporating technology in purposeful and meaningful ways.  Since I am focusing on new literacies in my Graduate studies, I was keen to see how they were using the iPads to enhance curricular areas.  I came home with a ton of excellent teaching apps that I quickly downloaded on my personal iPad.   Soon I plan to bring my iPad into the classroom and let the students give some of the math apps a try.

As I was perusing the library, several professional hard covered books caught my eye.   I was impressed to see that these "real" books had been written and created by classes who had worked collaboratively in the Library with Ms. Novakowski.  They had written a Wonder book, a Pete the Cat story, had created a Math Games book which I was most impressed with, and many others!

Buzzing with an abundance of ideas I wanted to try, I knew from experience, that it would be best if I set out a list of my top three.  Making a math games book was #1 on my list!

Below is a copy of the Shutterfly book our class created!  You can also order a copy of the book from this link but be sure to search for Shutterfly coupon codes online as they almost always have some sort of a deal!

Our Fun Math Games Book

It was Division 5's hope that other students and their families could learn from our math games book!   We all benefit when we share great ideas - just as I was able to learn from Ms. Novakowski and share her wonderful teaching strategies and ideas with my students!

For any teachers reading this blog... I had forgotten just what great professional development is offered by visiting and observing outstanding educators.  This term in addition to visiting Ms. Novakowski, I visited two other amazing intermediate teachers in Richmond and this experience was equally enriching and helped me continue to learn and grow as a professional.  If you have a way to observe another teacher (check with your administrator who may have funds), do what you can to make it happen!   You will be glad you did!


  1. It was a very fun book to make... and i like some of the games in the book

    your friend Nick

  2. dear Mrs.Barker

    i really love playing math games.I learn lots
    of new games.My favorite game is circle and star.
    thank you for teaching me lots of new game.