Saturday, 21 April 2012

Learning from Shadows

We continue to learn about light...  yesterday we investigated the properties of light.   We conducted an experiment with a flashlight and 4 index cards.   We were so engaged in action, that I forgot to take a photo.   We observed light traveling in a straight line through the index cards.   The cards had holes in their centres and each card was placed in a straight line 10cm apart - we shined the flashlight at the centre hole and observed where the beam went.  The light beam was made more visible when we misted the cards with water... we could actually see the light beam shinning in a straight line!!!

Immediately following the experiment, we headed outside.   I asked the students to dance, run and have fun with their shadows!!!  After several minutes of play, we discussed our shadows.

Where do shadows come from?

Are they always the same size?

If we stood still, would our shadow move?

Why can't we see our shadows at night or on a really cloudy day?

Does everything have a shadow?

We discovered that our bodies block the sun's light.  When we block the light we create a shadow.  Depending on where the sun is positioned in the sky, our shadow will move around us.  

It was a wonderful way to say good bye to a week of engaged learning and hello to a weekend of beautiful weather!


  1. Dear Mrs Barker / Robson ,
    It was so much fun playing with our shadows ! I wish we could do it again ! Nice pose Nick ! XD ;)

  2. Dear, Mrs. Barker/Robson
    I learned alot about light, how the sun reflects the moon and MORE!

    Thank you for teaching me that lesson!!

  3. Dear Mrs.Barker

    Thank you for teaching us about light I learned
    that humans block light and make shadow it was
    fun playing with our shadow I hope we can play
    with our shadow again.

  4. Dear Mrs.Baker
    I like to teach my little sister about shadows

  5. I had a fun time doing these expirements

  6. I learned a lot about my shadow.