Thursday, 26 April 2012

Commenting on blogs

Recently the students in Division 5 have shown an increased interest in this blog.   Several students have begun posting comments.   Some of the comments were thoughtful, while others needed some tweaking.

Today in the computer lab, I gave a lesson on how to respond appropriately to blogposts.  We went through all of the comments currently on this blog and asked ourselves some questions:

1) Was the comment helpful?

2) Did we learn something from the comment?  New information?

3) Was the comment respectful and kind?

4) Does the comment offer a compliment?  Does it require a thank you?

5) Was the comment a question that needs a response?  Is this comment an invitation to begin a conversation?

6) Had the comment been proofread?

Then we all watched this excellent teaching video created by some students in California.  These children explain how others can make quality comments on blogs.

Parents, I recommend you watch this video again with your child and then sitting beside your child, assist them to make a comment on one of the blogposts.  As we move forward into the 21st Century our students are going to need to be taught how to become digital citizens of the world.   Today Division 5 began the discussion...

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