Sunday, 10 June 2012

Library Mouse Inspires Writing

Inspired by some great writing ideas shared by colleagues at my Primary Teacher's Writing Study Group, and sparked by Daniel Kirk's book, Library Mouse, a couple of weeks ago I read my students this lovely story.

Sam, the library mouse, lives in the walls of the library.   He enjoys reading the many books and one day decides to write a few stories of his own.  He hides them on the shelves of the library.   The next day some children find his books and wonder who the author is.

Inspired by Sam, the library mouse, each student in the class wrote their own mini-books based on self-selected topics.   On Wednesday during library, the students excitedly hid their books amongst the other books in the library.  We can't wait to hear what other students have to say when they discover our little books.

This past week I read Library Mouse: A World To Explore, also by Daniel Kirk.   Through this cute story Sam the library mouse, learns about places around the world through the books in the library and through students 3-D projects that he plays with.   After reading and discussing the book, my students came to understand that through reading we can "adventure" to new places in the world.  

Next, I had the students look at non-fiction books describing countries around the world.   I told them that I wanted them to read about a place that they would like to visit and then pretend that they had travelled there.   I then handed each student a recipe/index card and had them write me a postcard telling me about all the interesting things they saw and learned on their adventure.   

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