Thursday, 7 June 2012

It's About Time

Last week I brought a few of my favourite watches in to school to show the class.  I have always loved watches and remember the excitement when I walked into a Swatch Watch store for the first time.

The children liked looking at creative designs and bright colours.   This led us into a discussion about time.  I showed them the chart paper below that had an analog (face) clock and a digital time.  Together we discussed what they knew and I wrote their comments down.   This was a way of conducting an informal assessment for learning.

I was surprised and pleased with the knowledge the students had.  Although no student mentioned 24-hour clock notation, so I believe this will be a new concept for many.

Following the discussion, we looked at the picture book, Tuesday by David Weisner and then the students were asked to respond individually to the question "What would happen if we had no way to measure time?"  

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