Thursday, 1 March 2012

WeDo Lego Robotics Celebration

This afternoon parents, grandparents and friends of students in our class, joined us in one last Lego challenge.  It was wonderful to watch the students become the teachers, as they demonstrated their knowledge to our visitors.

After the challenge, we enjoyed the Animoto short movie shown below and had some "Lego" cookies and drinks.   Our guests enjoyed reading the students reflection in their Lego Logs.  

This past term, we have loved working with Ms. Garcia, the technology consultant in our district.   We cannot thank her enough for letting our class use the Lego Robotic Kits and bringing her knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for learning to our classroom each Thursday afternoon.  Both the students, Ms. Garcia and I learned so much from our Inquiry and collaborative learning together.



  1. Hi Mrs.Barker,

    Thank you for holding such a wonderful event which enables us parents to get a chance to participate in the kids' in-school project. I really had a great time watching the kids demostrating what they have been learning for this term.

  2. learning about lego is fun and at the same time it is hard and i got fustrated some times. from,AMOS