Sunday, 26 February 2012

Geometry Pre-Assessment & Summative Assessment

Pictured below is a pre-assessment a student in my class wrote about what he/she knew about Geometry at the beginning of the unit.   These assessments helped guide my planning of this unit.  I pictured a few of these in a blog a few weeks back here.

Below the pre-assessment is a summative assessment taken three weeks later.   I again asked the students to tell me everything they knew about Geometry.   Together the class brainstormed a few key words on the board prior to responding but no definitions were given.

February 2nd, 2012 

The same students response three weeks later on Feb. 24th.  He/She wrote both the page above and below.

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  1. I learned alot about 3D shapes.I learned a traingular prism is really a trangle that is like a 3D rectangular.That is really how I can explain this.If u don't understand just look at the bottem picture.Oh i forgot to interduce myself, my name is Melissa.