Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Fabulous Fractions

If you have been following my blogposts at all, I think you have gathered that I LOVE teaching math.  One of my many favourite concepts to teach is fractions.

Last week my students and I did a popular Marilyn Burns lesson that has the students build fraction kits.  Through building the kits, the students concretely understand that fractions can represent equal pieces of a whole.   Next the students using their fraction kits and fraction dice to play a game called Cover Up.  They each took turns rolling the die and if the die read one half, they would take one half and cover part of their whole.   Students continued to take turns until the entire whole was covered.  This game was repeated but this time in reverse, by taking away pieces from a covered whole until nothing was left.

We also played one of Kim Sutton's games called Fraction Match Up, using double dice.  The smaller number rolled on the die represented the numerator and the larger number was the denominator.  Once the fraction was written, the students would search for the matching fraction (in picture format) and would cover it up with a chip.   Similar to Bingo, the first student to cover an entire line was the winner.

We ended the week talking about fractions that represented parts of a group or set.   I found the idea below on Pinterest and the kids had a ton of fun using the pompoms and glue guns!

 Below is an example of how we used KidsPix to demonstrate our understanding of fractions as equal parts of a whole and fractions of equal parts of a group or set.

I can't wait until we return to school after spring break and can continue our exploration of fractions! 

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