Monday, 5 March 2012

Anti-Bully Day Writing

Last week my school participated in the wearing pink to promote anti-bullying day.  Another class created these beautiful pink t-shirt posters as a way to generate knowledge about this powerful day.  Over the week I read some of these great books to my class.   They all focus on the topic of bullying.

Following suggestions from a writing lesson about bullying, from Adrienne Gear's book Writing Power, the students brainstormed answers to the following questions.  

Next they wrote about bullies...  First they jotted some notes in the bullying story box graphic organizer and later transferred these ideas into a story format.  The students wrote outstanding stories that when shared, each was able to connect to.   Additionally, the students were able to transform their thoughts about bullying, learn how to stand up to a bully, and understand why it is important for them to say something when they see it occurring.  

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