Thursday, 9 February 2012

WeDo Lego Inquiry Based Project Update #4

Today we focused on the programming aspect of the WeDo Lego kits.   Prior to beginning the lesson, we gave the students some information about a few key programming blocks and then set the challenge.  Something that caught my eye as I was circulating, was one of my students was taking notes on a small notepad.  Never have I asked the children to take notes... generally they just listen.   When I asked this little girl what she was doing, she replied "I am taking notes like a good scientist.  It will help me remember the steps!"   My heart did a happy dance!  This is what is all about...  She is was deeply connecting to the big idea of this unit!  The Lego is just a tool that we are using to discover what makes a great scientist!

The challenge for today was to rebuild the dancing birds and program them to include a recorded sound, have a background picture and caption.  Above is an example, although it is missing a personally recorded sound.  We concluded the lesson with "sharing out".  One student shared that she had a "problem" getting the loop programming block to work when she put it over two different blocks, a move this way, and a move that way block.   As we helped her to understand why she had this program, we pointed out to her that "problems" aren't really bad things.   They are in fact, great opportunities to learn something new!

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