Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Enemy Pie

Last week I read Derek Munson's book Enemy Pie to my class.  

Here is a general synopsis taken from the Enemy Pie website which is  HERE.

It was the perfect summer. That is, until Jeremy Ross moved into the house down the street and became Enemy Number One. Luckily, Dad has a surefire way to get rid of enemies-Enemy Pie. But one of the secret ingredients is spending an entire day with the enemy!

In this funny, yet endearing story, one little boy learns an effective recipe for turning a best enemy into a best friend. With charming illustrations that bring to life the difficulties and ultimate rewards of making new friends, Enemy Pie serves up a sweet lesson in friendship.   After reading the book the students made up their own recipes for Enemy Pie on index cards (a writing tie-in).   They had to write the ingredients and then the procedure for making the pie.   Sometimes I have also brought in a large pair of men's shoes and have had the students step inside them and we talk about how they would feel if they were Jeremy's shoes or the main character.   I love how they quickly get the moral and message of the story.

The student's really enjoyed writing out recipes for their own Enemy Pies as well, as making a real enemy pie out of mini-tart shells, chocolate pudding (mud), Oreo cookie crumbs (dirt), and gummy worms.   You can also add rock chocolates.   

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