Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Making teams

Hello Division 5 students,

Once again I need your help!   Matthew's birthday party is fast approaching.   We sent out 12 invitations and all 12 friends have confirmed that they are able to attend the party.   Matthew would like to arrange for a hockey game and needs to make 2 teams.  

Some notes:
- Matthew also wants to play on a team.
- Scott will be the refereee and I cannot play as I will be busy making lunch and taking pictures.
- Megan will not be playing as she plans to go to a friends house.

How many players will each team have?   Please do NOT just give me an answer.   I LOVE to know how you arrived at your answer... what did you do?  Why?

Thanks for helping me out,

Mrs. Barker


  1. Mrs. Barker, 13 can not be divided by 2 so you will have to get someone else to play.So after inviting one more friend, you will have 14 friends to play the hockey game. 14 divided by 2 equals 7 and so there would be 7 people on each team.

    1. Jonathan the total of people is 12.

  2. Ps: If you do not want to invite one more person then they will have 13 people to play the game. However, 13 is an odd number so there would be one person left. Therefore, they will have to take turn to play the game.

  3. well I found out there were 12 people and plus Matthew that is plus 1 more equals 13 which is an odd number so I think he should add 1 more person or one person plays on both teams Suki

  4. I also found out that if there is going to be 12 people and Mathew which makes 13 and 13 is odd so can't be divided into 2 teams so, you will have to invite one more person to play.

  5. Hello Friends,

    Thank you for your ideas. Unfortunately I cannot invite another child to the party. Think creatively about ways to solve the problem. Knowing that we do have 13 children, how many children will be on each team? I need to know this answer as I am making two different coloured t-shirts. Have fun, Mrs. Barker

  6. ummm i think what Jonathan means is the children need to play like 1on 1 2on 2 taking turns and how much people against how many on the opposite team.

  7. Allan
    I think you will need 7 t-shirts for a teem .one persons
    Will be a substitu . If someone gets hurt you need a
    Substitu. Because 12 divide 2 equil 6.but the one left
    Over will be the substitu.

  8. Thank you for your specific response. I agree that 12 divided by 2 is 6. I will have 2 teams of 6 and one left over. Does anyone know what the "left over" number in a division question is called?

    Matthew is going to be the extra child and he is going to substitute for each team. Great idea, Allan!

    Hope you are having a nice day, Mrs. Barker

  9. Hi Mrs. Barker,

    The "left over" number is called "remainder".

  10. Mrs.Barker sorry I read your question today I agree with Allan Matthew can be the substitute for two teams so he can be neutral for both teams anyway thats gonnna be his birthday party.The left over means a remainder.Hopefully the party will be awesome and lots of fun! :)

    1. R.A.P.S. Rachellyne22 May 2012 at 17:53

      BTW Mrs.Barker if someone gets hurt I will be sad and probably the person who got hurt so I really think someone else would like to be the substitute instead of Matthew because he might wanna play first game or first round instead.Its okay if he doesnt want to you and Matthew dont have to do it my way Im just sujjesting really.Thank you Mrs.Barker and have a nice , awesome , fun day and for you Matthew Happy Birthday have a awesome one!XD

  11. Well this question could be a addition question,multiplication question,even divson question.First of all I thought ''what what number could add up to 12?''I thought of even numbers like:2 4 6 8 and 10i figure that 2's have to add 6 times and the question said ''only two teams.''so i tried 4's but it takes 3 times to get to 12 then finally i tried 6's and i founded out it only need 2 times,so mostly they answer is 6.

    by, funny Melissa

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