Saturday, 4 February 2012

WeDo Lego Inquiry Based Project Update #3

We began today's lesson reviewing what we have learnt so far... see above chart.

Next we challenged the students to:

  • build 2 signs welcoming visitors to the PNE
  • both signs must move in opposite directions
  • each sign must move at a different speed
We also added that they could 'think outside the box' and design their creation any way they wanted.

I was very surprised by how few students decided to take what I perceived to be a simpler route, which would have been to recreate the dancing birds from last week, but instead of a creating birds they would tape signs to where the birds would have gone.  Instead, most students went about designing new structures.  Initially I worried that they hadn't made the connection between the two tasks being similar, but after observing their engagement with the task,  I realized that the motivated to create an original structure to meet the requirements of the challenge was far higher than simply meeting the challenge.

Here are some samples of their creations.   The creations were amazing!  Only a few met the full criteria of the challenge but in trying new ideas the students took risks and learned about different Lego pieces and how they affected change.

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