Sunday, 29 January 2012

WeDo Lego Inquiry Based Learning Update #2

This week we continued to explore what good scientist do through the Lego kits (our tools).   Again, I assigned the students the task of building the dancing birds once, but I challenged them to explore the pulleys and belts to see if they could get their birds to turn in opposite directions and speed up the rotation of the birds.  Initially I showed them some examples and had them make predictions on chart paper about how the changes in the pulleys and belts would affect the dancing birds.

Next they went to work building and investigating and discussing what they were learning.  

Although the students discovered that they could program the birds to make noises last week, this week they were even more excited when they realised that there was more than one sound they could program. After everything was put away, they recorded their data in their Lego reflection log books which I will post soon but unfortunately I mistakenly left these at school!  Stay tuned for their reflections...

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